I've installed Matlab R2011a on ubuntu12.04. I've installed it in a folder I've created in the Home Folder. I can run it if I run the code
cd directory

However I want to create a launcher that runs. I've followed the steps as explained in the guide here, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB, even tho it's for ubuntu 10.04, and the launcher appeared. However when I press it nothing happens. I'm not sure what I should do next...

Any help would be appreciated.


matlab.desktop file you downloaded and put in /usr/share/applications/ says:

#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
[Desktop Entry]
Name=MATLAB R2011a
Comment=Start MATLAB - The Language of Technical Computing
Exec=matlab -desktop

I think you should change the Exec line with your installation folder.


I've just installed Matlab 2012b on Ubuntu 12.10 and followed up by installing the matlab-support package in the Ubuntu Software Centre:

sudo apt-get install matlab-support

(As per this answer in a related question: https://askubuntu.com/a/140078/16835)


You could put a symlink to the matlab binary in your ~/bin directory. Create the dir if you haven't already. /home/you/bin should be in your path ($ echo $PATH).

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