I just installed ubuntu 12.04 and I began using Gwibber for my accounts of twitter and facebook, but it's so slow.


There are several Twitter clients other than Gwibber available in the Software Center : Choqok, Turpial, Pino and Hotot. There is also Polly.

If I had to make a "top 5", it would be, from the best to the worst (not tested Pino) :

  1. Hotot (fast and the most complete).
  2. Polly (nice and promising client). It is formerly known as "Schizobird".
  3. Choqok (a little worse than Polly).
  4. Gwibber (too much basic).
  5. Turpial (one of the worst Twitter clients I have ever seen).

But the best thing to do is testing them all and making your own opinion about this.

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You might be interested in Choqok.

sudo apt-get install choqok
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