I am using quickly ide and I am having trouble with filepath. Where to put additional files required by application? When I put additional files in /data/ folder after application is installed what will be new path? Is it stored in /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/projectName/share or in /usr/share/ ? According to app showdown rules it must be in opt.

Application will need root permission to write in its files? How to access file paths inside python code?


I was wondering the best way to do this in the past, and looking at the example on http://developer.ubuntu.com for the media player (link seems to be dead these days), they use the helpers module that is there by default when using quickly.

from <appname>_lib import helpers

def get_path(self):
    file_path = helpers.get_media_file("filename.ext")
    file_path = file_path.replace("file:///", "")
    return file_path

If you take a look at the actual helpers code, this just looks in the media folder, from within the data folder.

This returns the file path prefixed with "file:///" which is not always accepted, hence the removal above.


When you want to write file paths, you have to write them in a relative way. So in Glade you have to write


With the two dots (.) you go back into the /data folder. Then you say to go into /media and open icon.png. You have to do so because the Glade .ui files are stored in /projectname/data/ui/ - from here you have to go back by 1 and then into the /media folder.

When writing the .desktop.in file (the desktop/application entry) for example for including the icon, you have to write it like this:


Take care to write only one point.

Oh, what I forgot: The application does not need root access to write into files and quickly does all important packaging (the thing with /opt/) automatically. You do not have to take care of /opt/.

I hope I could help you with your questions.

PS: Note that the Ubuntu App Developer Showdown is over!

  • Just to add one more thing. When the command quickly share is used then files are stored in /usr/share/. When you use quickly submitubuntu then files are stored in /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/projectName/share – user26030 Jul 14 '12 at 20:19

I think the function get_data_path() in [appname]_lib/[appname]config.py is set up to do exactly this. So in Python, import that function at the beginning of your file:

from [appname]_lib.[appname]config.py import get_data_path

Then when you want to use a file in your data directory you can get its path like this:

data_path = get_data_path()
filepath = os.path.join(data_path, 'mydatafile.css')

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