I'd like to play bluray discs in my laptop. I found the official documentation, and there it's explained that one should use mplayer and ffmpeg.

Looking at the repositories, there exist two different mplayer packages (in conflict with each other)

  • mplayer
  • mplayer2

Any ideas with of them should I install?

On the other hand the official documentation seems to be out of date since no mention to Ubuntu after 9.04 is done. Does the DumpHD package from the repositories work?

Finally, Where could the keydb.cfg keys be found?

I'm open to suggestions, specially of people who had done the job of making it work.


  • Personally I use VLC Media Player for DVD's and I'm sure it'd work on bluray disks as well. – Corey Whitaker Jul 10 '12 at 18:51

You can use VLC to play blu-ray discs but as far as I know it is still impossible to watch BD+ encrypted discs it will only play aacs encrypted discs for know.

If some knows a way feel free to add a comment

So If all you want to watch is aacs discs read on.

  1. Install VLC from the Ubuntu Software Center
  2. Download the KEYDB.cfg file from http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/
  3. Place the KEYDB.cfg file in ~/.config/aacs/
  4. Load the blu-ray disc in VLC, check the no menu checkbox or VLC will most likely hang
  5. Lastly enjoy your movie

PS. I have answered your second question in the above steps

Reference Links:



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