I am trying to boot Ubuntu on my computer. When I boot Ubuntu, it boots to a black screen. How can I fix this?

Table of Contents:

  1. If you are trying to install Ubuntu
  2. If you have a dual boot system
  3. If an update or something else caused your problem

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If you installed from a USB drive, check whether it boots with the flash drive plugged in and if so, this may help.

situation 1) Impossible to solve at uefi-black-screen - uefi-bios has to be visible so you could then use an live-usb-stick properly. The accumulator has a chip too, this way the ransomware attacks via this chip...

a) pull out accumulator after machine is switched off (20 seconds pressing slightly the power-button off).

b) pull off the power-supply cable both ends.

c) after waiting only do use the power-supply cable

d) switch on and quickly two fingers changing pressing 'ESC' and 'F2'

e) disable recovery mode of uefi-settings

f) disable secure-boot

g) get sure that usb-booting order allows usb-live-stick at 1st place !!! save and reboot from bios (leave accumulator away)

h) re-install ubuntu or repair the disk with ubuntu-recovery-modes, but I would prefer complete new installation alongside previous ubuntu-installation and delete Windows. i) you need to delete Windows, because the chip of the accumulator wants to make a revival of ransomware for windows as previous first-boot-installation.

situation 2) Black screen with Windows on booting first hard-disk, then it is deadly sure ransomware:

... I had black screen today in the morning too, but my password was too long ... so the ransomware had no luck, despite of fact that I dont have dual-boot installation with windows here. There was only an buffer-overrun visible at my machine. I rebooted and the buffer-overrun (or underrun? - hybrid device here ...) was gone.

In case Jorge Castro has a dual-boot installation with Windows (no-matter-which-one) then I simply would press quick changing with two fingers the keys 'esc' and 'F2' to get back into uefi-bios before the machine boots into black screen after you have pressed the switch-off-button slightly for 20 seconds.


a) switch-off the machine with slightly pressing 20 seconds the power- supply-button

b) wait a while ... in case of notebook pull the plugin-cable of power- supply and stick it in again, then take out the accumulator and put it in again.

c) wait a while ... then switch-on your machine

d) now quick changing with two fingers between key 'F2' and 'ESC'

e) uefi-bios should appear again ... then this is not finish !

f like foolproof) decide the boot-mode whether to enable or disable secure-boot (http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/17058-secure-boot-enable-disable-uefi.html). This decides whether you get back into windows to launch really http://malwarebytes.org - program.

g like gentleman) this is not gentleman-style but I saved your day.

When malwarebytes - program finished its job and avast too finished its job, use then a freeware registry-cleaner (http://heise.de)

situation 3.) This way ubuntu-recovery should work again after step 1.) and step 2.)

a) free the memory

b) repair the file-system

c) go into root - terminal

type there:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub* --fix-missing

sudo apt-get update

sudo update-grub2

sudo passwd (new password like method here : http://nosy-x.com/password-001.html in paranoid method a suiting quantum-password)

happy coding and dont forget to eat a meal ...

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