I had everything working fine, I use a number of openGL graphics software, example pymol, mgltools, vmd, ballview, rasmol etc.

All of these give the error:

Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0". 

and fail to initialize.

I have an i7 asus k53s with nvidia gforce

I need these to do my work. I tried the umblebee fix, and just removing all nvidia drivers, or rolling back. I do not know why these were working then stopped, but did notice a new nvidia console in the mu which I assume was from enabling the automatic nvidia feeds, etc? I also played with the xorg, however have no clue what settings are valid. In addition, the display is 50% of the time not recognized now? It just gives a geeic 640x480 and I have to login and out 10 times to get it to return to a normal setting. When I try and set it manual, there is no other setting allowed from the settings menus, and the terminal changes just get re set every time I log out?


Completely disabling the Nvidia GPU , then installing bumblebee, plus mesa glx and gl libraries worked, however now I have a GPU which is useless. Thus, if anyone has a fix that allows use of the GPU, even if for other applications such as GPU accelerated software (CUDA or OpenCL) , or some graphics based applications. Otherwise it seems pointless to even have a Gforce on the PC, when everything seems to work perfect with ATI software, and now synaptic available openCL headers, etc...

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