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How to set nomodeset for installation?

I'm installing Ubuntu Desktop AMD64. I've previously done this on the same system with the Alternate iso install because it uses a text base installer. However, I'm having problems with that install so it was suggested to me that I try the regular Desktop Install.

The problem is that I'm using internal graphics that Ubuntu installer does not support. So I get an initial install prompt and then my monitor turns off as the install runs. The only thing I have access to is a GRUB shell. I can cat the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file. I think there are some options similar to "nomodeset" that can force the installer to use VESA graphics that will allow me to continue the install.

Does anyone know how/where to edit these options through GRUB?

(This question is related to Dual Boot Installing Ubuntu 12.04 with Windows 7 (64) on a non UEFI system)




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