I'm not sure what the difference is or which one I should download. I have a server rack I'm putting together and I don't know much about servers. I love ubuntu though. If I want to use this a work server to host things and a personal server for experimenting, which should I use?

I also might dual boot this with windows server 2008 eventually. I'm using a dell power edge 2500 with 5 scuzzy drive totaling 100gbs and maybe 2gbs of ram.


It depends on what you want to do with your server, but probably you want to use Ubuntu server.

Cloud live is an image that you can write in a USB drive and boot to create a cloud computing environment. Please note that this is a live system (i have never used it, so i don't know if you have the option to install it in your system). Also, if you really want to setup a cloud system you can install Ubuntu server and the cloud tools after.

So, unless you want to try a cloud computing system, you need Ubuntu server.

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Cloud live is actually non-persistant (atleast what i used) , that means what you do on it is lost after you reboot.... but it is only a demonstration and use of OpenStack if you dont want to install it (without juju its difficult , rather too difficult (but i did it :) without juju only to find out about juju next day :)).

So if you want to see how private cloud is , try for cloud image , or if you want to use trial for EC2 its good , for checking it out. If you are not interested in cloud computing, please avoid it ...

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