I would like to ignore some key events in a text view, now i do the following

def on_key_press_event(self,source,event):
    keyname = Gdk.keyval_name(event.keyval)
            tv = self.builder.get_object('txtMsg')
            buf = tv.get_buffer()
            msg = buf.get_text(buf.get_start_iter(),buf.get_end_iter(),self)

Is there any function equivalent to Java function event.consume() in python?

  • @LordofTime Programming (development) questions are explicitly listed in the FAQ askubuntu.com/faq#questions as reasonable questions to ask here. If it were a general Python question, vs. how to use GTK+ in Python, I might agree. – dobey Jul 6 '12 at 17:28

To stop an event from propagating (unless the event has been set up using connect_after), you can run


For instance, if I connected the key-press-event like this:

self.textview.connect("key-press-event", self.on_key_press)

I can stop it propagating like this:

def on_key_press(self, widget, event):

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