I need the code folding property in gedit, and I found online a folding.gedit-plugin online, but it never works. My gedit is of version 3.2.1, and it is said that the plugin folding.gedit-plugin was made for 2.x version only.

So is there a code folding plugin for gedit of version 3.2.1? Thanks!

  • Interested too. Anyone has an answer to this problem? I need the same for version 3.2.3. – Elysium Nov 23 '12 at 10:23
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    @Elysium - I dont have access to v3.2.3 - but does the code-folding plugin here work for you? github.com/gmate/gmate – fossfreedom Nov 23 '12 at 12:01
  • Is there a particular language you are looking to format? – PJ Singh Aug 12 '19 at 21:31
  • Close Voters This question is 7 years old, the duplicate referenced is 9 years old and the answers that work today (posted to both questions) were released 4 years ago. – WinEunuuchs2Unix Aug 13 '19 at 0:43

As an alternative, What about VIM editor? It's the best editor I've used ever. It works with lot of code, JAVA, Perl, html, css, C, C++, Python, LaTex... etc lot of them. work fine.

sudo apt-get install vim
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It is here, along with the installation guide.


For me, it works on gEdit 3.18.3, and may works on later version.

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  • Hmm it appears this was released 4 years ago? Nifty little 174 line python program. Note you have re-collapse code every time you open the file. It doesn't remember lines folded and repeat the steps for you when file is reopened. – WinEunuuchs2Unix Aug 13 '19 at 0:22

according to this question: Is there code folding for gedit? , it seems difficult to have code folding in gedit 3.x but there's one option that does the job (see answers from the link above).

As an alternative, I would suggest you to install geany which is a simple and lightweight text/code editor in ubuntu repos ( sudo apt-get install geany) and you can enable code folding by simply going to edit>preferences>editor and checking "code folding". You can also remove any extra panes (side or bottom panes) to make it feel as simple as it is gedit.

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