I'm looking to organize simple messaging queue for inter-app communications. The applications will be running on different PC's connected thought Ubuntu One service.

Basically I thought to use desktopcouch, but I just found that Canonical dropped couchdb support from U1 and I'm afraid it won't sync anymore.

I also found U1DB which is counterpart of desktopcouch features, but it is not yet available in 12.04 archives.

Am I missing anything? :)

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Support for desktopcouch was dropped, but couchdb itself still has built-in support for syncing over the internet and is heavily used by Novacut for exactly that purpose.

  • I'm a bit aware of couchdb features, but wondering if that still use U1 for syncing or it should relies on some other cloud services?
    – wik
    Jul 5, 2012 at 20:44

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