I've long used YAMMM for pulling metadata and thumbnails of my films/rips now i'm in trouble since switching as i can't seem to find any equivalent, The XBMC scrapers have been a disaster (e.g. I ripped toy story 2, put it in a folder "Toy story 2 (2000) and it pulled everything for toystory 3)

So what apps can you recommend?

  • If people are not familiar with YAMMM, i suppose Ember media manager and TV rename to some extent have the same sort of features
    – Will
    Aug 8, 2010 at 10:51

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When I was using MythTV it seemed to do a reasonably solid job of pulling metadata and thumbnails, even for my Korean soap opera. However I don't really know enough to tell you which sub-package does the actual scraping.

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