After having installed compiz I made a reset then I have enabled:

  • composite
  • gnome compatibility
  • openGL
  • negative
  • desktop cube
  • expo
  • rotating cube
  • viewport switcher
  • 3D windows
  • cube reflection and deformation
  • fading windows
  • window decoration
  • mouse position polling
  • regex matching
  • move window -resize window

Then the usual commands




are not working anymore.

Any solution? Thank you!


To move a window from one cube-face (desktop) use the right mouse button on windows title bar. (clicl-click-zoom ⁛ ⁙ ⁘ ‧)

To switch windows use the "window buttons" on a panel ( I like the lower panel for this )

Consider getting the Compiz Fusion Icon and starting it up when starting your session. It's extremely useful - note that it is invoked with the right mouse button when on the panel.

I use comiz cube and 3D windows in my work and have for a coupla years. Their documentation is now much better, see it here.

I set cube face opacity during rotation to about 10 or 20, make the cube caps transparent and enable skydome to a muted gradient - with 3D windows this is very helpful in finding the right window.

Here's my desktop (without gradient skydome) enter image description here

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