I just ran the newest Ubuntu from an USB stick. Now Dash is empty and knows nothing about the contents of the computer.

I found a fix here but to make it work I should be able to open Terminal.

How do I do it without Dash? :)


Try to type Ctrl+Alt+t and a new terminal window should appear.


You can launch applications in many ways:

  • The Ctrl+Alt+t works often for many user interface (at least unity and lxde)
  • The Windows key or Super Key on Unity invokes the launcher, then you can launch whatever application you want, for example, the terminal application, start writing "term", then use the down arrow key, and select the terminal application
  • The Alt+F2 permits to run a command (works on gnome, lxde and kde as far as I remember), then you can write the complete name of the application you want, for example "terminal" or "konsole" if you have it installed

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