In the Guidelines for the Ubuntu App Showdown I can read:

The .desktop file is installed in the standard location /usr/share/applications, but must have the prefix 'extras-' added to its name. Example: extras-foobar.desktop for a package named foobar.

Then I renamed pyenglish.desktop.in to extras-pyenglish.desktop.in and changed the setup.py line 57 to: fin = file('extras-pyenglish.desktop.in', 'r')

And run this command for using /opt with Quickly:

quickly package --extras
  • The desktop file is included in /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/package/share/applications/.desktop
  • The bin file is included in /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/package/bin/

The problem is that Ubuntu not found the app in the system :(

How could I change this behavior? Thanks!


You don't need to rename the .desktop file, Quickly will take care of it for you.

The point of using Quickly is that you don't have to worry about the requirements and don't have to change files manually, as Quickly will automate it transparently for you.

So I would recommend undoing the changes in setup.py and renaming the .desktop file back to the original pyenglish.desktop.in, and then run quickly package --extras again.

After that, the .desktop and binary file locations should be:

  • /usr/share/applications/extras-pyenglish.desktop
  • /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/pyenglish/bin/pyenglish

That will allow you starting PyEnglish from the Unity Dash as usual. Note that if you want to start it from the terminal, you'll either need to call it explicitly as /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/pyenglish/bin/pyenglish or add /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/pyenglish/bin/ to your $PATH

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