I would like to change the font in the Terminal, how can I achieve this?


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Bash terminal:

Menu, Edit => Profile Preferences => General tab; uncheck Use the system fixed width font, and select the font you want.

For general xterm terminal, you need to create a file ~/.Xresources, and add settings to it, such as xterm*font: Sublime\ Text\ 2-12 for 12 point (this is a guess, I don't know if it's totally correct).

  • My gnome-terminal crashes when I uncheck the 'use the system fixed width font' checkbox. Is there a way to modify or clear this setting without going through this GUI? Commented Jun 18, 2013 at 20:36

Though you did not mention what font you are using or what terminal you are referring, I am giving a general answer to change font in gnome-terminal.

I am giving two ways to do this, though both are relatively close to each other

Formal way

  • Open the terminal with pressing Ctrl + Alt + T.
  • Then go from menu EditProfiles. On the profile edit window, click on the Edit button.
  • Then in the General tab, uncheck Use the system fixed width font, and then select your desired font from dropdown menu

Easier way

  • Open the terminal with pressing Ctrl + Alt + T.
  • Right click on the terminal, from the appeared popup menu, go to ProfilesProfile Preferences
  • Then in the General Tab, uncheck Use the system fixed width font, and then select your desired font from dropdown menu.

I am giving two screenshots below:

Image of popup menu

Image of the "Edit" profile window

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    oh wow, i didnt know it was so easy. THANK YOU!!!
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Ubuntu 18.04 or higher

Now this setting is under

Edit->Preferences-> Unnamed-> Text -> Check Custom font

enter image description here


if you mean a server terminal, that is, no window system, just the console, I like this answer:

setfont /usr/share/consolefonts/UbuntuMono-R-8x16.psf

this is an example; you can see a list of available fonts like this:

ls /usr/share/consolefonts

and should you for some reason not have them, you can install them like this:

sudo apt-get install fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console

note that you may need to put the setfont command in your .profile or .bashrc as it may need to be run upon every login

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    As a complement: instead of putting setfont in ~/.profile, you can change the default font system-wide with sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup. It will persist across reboots
    – MestreLion
    Commented Apr 3, 2021 at 0:36

For Ubuntu 17.04 with GNOME Terminal 3.20.2, the options are a bit different. From the menu, go to Edit -> Profile Preferences -> General tab. In the Text Appearance section, select the Custom font option, click on the selected font, and then reduce the font size number at the bottom of the new window.

  • Yep, I use a dark theme and low brightness so the checkbox is nearly invisible
    – qwr
    Commented Aug 29, 2018 at 3:54

For newcommers to this issue , it seems that you can just pick monospace fonts in gnome terminal. so if other answers wont work for you , you could install a monospace font , then go to Edit -> Profile Preferences -> General tab select your new installed monospace font. enjoy it.

See also this answer link

enjoy it.

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