I have recently changed a video card in my machine running Precise to GeForce and tried running it with native NVIDIA driver.

Now I have a problem because I have 2 monitors 22" wide and 19" VGA connected to the system and I have to use Xinerama with 2 independent monitors instead of TwinView. Because of that I have 2 launchers (1 on each screen).

Is there a way to make sure that only 1 launcher is started?


You can apt-get install nvidia-settings and then run it as root (sudo nvidia-settings works fine). You can choose which twin monitor set up you want from there and then log in/out again (or otherwise restart X).


I was able to achieve that but my setup is Twinview so I'm not sure if it will work for you. Though it's worth a try. In System Settings > Display. There's an option Launcher placement where you can specify which monitor only will the launcher will appear, or all displays.

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