I am having massive problems with Ubuntu 12.04. After starting Ubuntu it takes maximum 20 seconds until the first error message shows up. I don't have the possibility to report the problem as immediately a new error message would show up and so on.

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 new however the problems are still there. When I was using Ubuntu 11.10 I did never have any error messages. Can I somehow post a error report (and how do I find it) here so one can figure out what the reason for the errors is.


This is a bug with Ubuntu's error-reporting utility called Apport that a lot of people are experiencing. There is not currently a fix, but you can disable Apport so that it will not keep popping up.

To do this run

gksudo gedit /etc/apport.conf

After you enter in your password, Gedit will open up. You need to change the

enabled=1line toenabled=0`

Then, save the file and close Gedit. Apport will now not start when Ubuntu starts up. To stop it now without waiting for reboot, run

sudo service apport stop

Don't worry, this doesn't remove Apport. You can still use it to file a bug by running

ubuntu-bug <applicationname> - where <applicationname> is the name of the application you want to file a bug for.


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