On my windows PC in my office, my chrome extensions are all along the toolbar as they always have been, however on my ubuntu machine at home they are now in a dropdown next to the spanner icon. It's a bit annoying as I can't see when I have new mail, tweets etc.

Chrome version 7.0.517.44

If anyone knows how to resolve this it would be much appreciated.




You can show all your extensions:

  • Take your mouse to the right end url bar.
  • Arrow will turn double-headed.
  • Drag it to the left.
  • You may drag extensions as you wish too
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  • OMG, thanks a lot!! I dunno how that happened! Nice one. I see, I can hide as many as I want! – slugmandrew Dec 1 '10 at 10:15
  • 1
    you may drag extensions as you wish too – crodjer Dec 1 '10 at 10:17
  • I don't know why I did not understand this answer, so I am going to rephrase it for people as stupid as me... – joeytwiddle Sep 14 '13 at 15:31
  • You can put your mouse on the right-hand side of the Location Bar (in between the yellow bookmarking star and the extensions/dropdown). Then you can drag the URL bar to make ir shorter or longer, and make more or less room for the extensions icons. – joeytwiddle Sep 14 '13 at 15:34

Put your mouse inside the red "circle" indicated in the image below, and then click-and-drag left or right.

Red ellipse indicates the target.

Your cursor should turn into a <=||=> icon when you are there.

It might have been better if the UI designers had faded a drag widget into view when you put your pointer there. Although I still wouldn't have found it without help... :P

They could also have put a widget there "permanently", and then made it disappear once the user has played with it a few times.

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I hope this makes things a little more clear:

Click and hold then drag to the left

Click and hold then drag to the left

enter image description here

Extension icons should be visible

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