How do I add or delete user accounts in Ubuntu?

I know that the "useradd" command could be used to do this, but I hear that Ubuntu has some other command-line tool and some GUI somewhere, either one of which I could use to make adding, deleting, and otherwise managing user accounts much easier and less error-prone.

(An ideal answer will also mention the standard stuff a sysadmin should do immediately after creating a typical new user account -- using Diceware to generate a new memorable password, etc.).


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As JPbuntu has alluded to, adduser and deluser are the recommended ways to add and remove users on an Ubuntu system from the command line.

Graphically, you can add and remove users in the GNOME Control Center. Or you may prefer the users-admin utility ("Users and Groups"), which gives you greater configurability. users-admin is not present by default--to get it, install the gnome-admin-tools Install gnome-admin-tools package.


You can open the system preferences (top right gear symbol). There is the user program. This is a GUI Tool for adding and changing users.

You can also generate a random password:

enter image description here

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