I installed new 12.04 and Openbox. I logged in with GNOME/Openbox and now after system starts I see only Desktop background image and nothing more. When I right click I can do normal GNOME actions like create folder and nothing more really. alt+f2 doesn't start run window though I managed to create a folder and then with Nautilus start terminal but I really don't know what to do next. Two questions:

  1. Why doesn't Openbox start properly?
  2. How in this situation I can get back to GDM login screen and choose other option to log in?
  • Openbox did start properly. It's just that Openbox is a Window Manager, not a full DE like most people are accustomed to. If I remember correctly, there is an action to exit Openbox that one can add to a key bind in the -rc.xml file. Quick edit: Here it is: openbox.org/wiki/Help:Actions#Exit – Samuel Santana Mar 18 '17 at 22:33

you may need "openbox-xdgmenu" package to have a minimal (and updateable) right click menu, at least with "exit" command.


1. Unable to give an exact reason why the Openbox/Gnome session doesn't work correctly. I tried installing package "openbox-xdgmenu" which didn't help. I also have the same problem as described in the OP.
Perhaps select the straight "Openbox" session when logging in.

2. Use the Ctrl-Alt-F1 key combination to get a console then run sudo service gdm restart (at the moment I don't have gdm installed so not 100% sure if command is correct, tab completion should help when typing it)


Try the following steps:

The Ctrl+Alt+F1 key shortcut, will open the tty1 console. While in console execute the following commands:

sudo apt-get install openbox-xdgmenu
sudo service gdm restart
sudo reboot

Hope this helps :)

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