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The compiz grid feature just stopped working a couple of days ago: for instance I used to be able to move a terminal window to the top left corner by pressing <ctrl><alt>KP7 but now the number 7 appears in the terminal and the window doesn't move.

-compiz grid is enabled and I have restored its configuration to the default values
-my numpad is working properly (i.e. if it's locked I get the numbers, if not I get home, ins, del... as expected).
-I looked into the Keyboard and Keyboard layout settings but I don't see any option I could tweak to fix the problem.

What do I need to do in order to restore the compiz grid feature?

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Turns out issue was caused by a combination of factors:

  • Compiz (at least its grid component) requires Ubuntu 3D desktop (if you run $ echo $DESKTOP_SESSION inside a terminal and get ubuntu 2d it means you're not running the 3d desktop).

  • I couldn't run the 3d desktop because my Nvidia card was not being properly supported with the default drivers (which I solved by installing the BumbleBee drivers).

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