Is DNS Configuration required for ZImbra mail server. I installed Zimbra with out configuraing DNS .. I am unable to start mailbox. antivirus Running imapproxy Running ldap Running logger Running mailbox Stopped zmmailboxdctl is not running. memcached Running mta Running snmp Running spell Running stats Running zmconfigd Running

Couls you please help out???


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A correct DNS configuration is essential for Zimbra to work.

You need a MX record for your domain pointing to an A record. The A record is the hostname of your zimbra box.

You should check /etc/hosts. This file must contain a correct entry for your hostname and your IP like this: mail.example.com mail

Further information can be found at the Zimbra Wiki and in the Zimbra Forums.

You should also check, that you have a correct reverse DNS entry for your domain.

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