I have installed Pure-FTPd on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS?

Which command will give the version of the server running?

  • Is it displayed when you connect to the ftp server that is running? – pl1nk Jun 20 '12 at 23:18
  • @pl1nk No version info on welcome message 220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ---------- – Mithun Sreedharan Jun 21 '12 at 5:14

Open your Terminal and type the following command

apt-cache showpkg pure-ftpd

  • @jasminesIs Is this command dispalys versions installed in the system or the versions available on the repository? – Mithun Sreedharan Jun 21 '12 at 5:20
  • Installed one, as you asked. – jasmines Jun 21 '12 at 6:59

The following command gives you the installed version, if you installed the package via the ubuntu repository

apt-cache policy pure-ftpd
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    After a bit of research, this does seem to be the best way to see what version is installed. pure-ftpd doesn't have an easy way to get the version. – tgm4883 Jun 20 '12 at 16:25

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