I recently installed Fedora and Ubuntu 12.04. Both have different Swap Partition. Fedora using its own Swap space. But Ubuntu using both two swap partitions. I want to stop that. I want Ubuntu 12 to use its own Swap Partition.

  • sda9 - Ubuntu (/)

  • sda11 - Swap (4.9 GB)

  • sda10 - Fedora (/)

  • sda12 - Swap (4.9 GB)

All are logical partitions.

  • Anyone, please explain how I can or where I can add the "noauto" command in the "fstab" file? – Curious Apprentice Jun 21 '12 at 2:25

Please add the noauto option in /etc/fstab for your Ubuntu system's sda10 partition.


I suggest that you get rid of the extra swap line in /etc/fstab.


The swap space is set in /etc/fstab. In your case you probably want Ubuntu to use sda11 partition, so you should remove the line in fstab that contains the /dev/sda12 partition.

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