I want to develop an app for ubuntu, that integrates inside the calendar indicator/menu. It should allow to enter info right from it, and have several controls like input boxes, drop downs, spinners and buttons.

Is this possible to integrate/replace the standard date/time indicator?

If not, is it possible to create it as a separate indicator that when clicked opens a popup with all the controls and stuff?

I want it to look as part of the sys tray and not as a separate desktop app.

I'm using Quickly for this.

Thanks for your help!


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You can't integrate with the date/time/calendar indicator AFAIK.

You can't add fancy custom menu items either: https://askubuntu.com/a/57276/67335.

So you're left with writing your own indicator which would have a menu and that menu would then launch your config dialog containing the calendar or whatever you needed.

To get you started: https://askubuntu.com/a/501053/67335.

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