I am using openbox 3.5 and my file manager of choice is Thunar but the problem I am facing is thunar not showing thumbnails for folder,video files etc.

My Thunar:

enter image description here

You can see in the above image that thunar is not showing thumbnails for folders, files but it is showing for pdf and similar is the case for video files no thumbnails.

So, what is wrong here am I missing some basic thunar config files.

ranrag@ranrag:~$ echo $DESKTOP_SESSION

I looked into some forums and they mentioned that there is some dependency of tumbler with thunar but I have latest version of tumbler installed on my system.

PS: I already tried thunar preferences but still no luck.

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I found the solution to my problem. I had to add the following line in my ~/.gtkrc-2.0

gtk-icon-theme-name = "Tango"

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