I set up nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 and when remotely accessing a file other than the index.htm/php/html, the server says that access is forbidden. I tried to search for a solution but no luck. Any ideas/hints/solutions???

  • Have you checked the permissions of the files/directories? ls -l will list all the files and their permissions. If the permissions of index.* are the same as the other files then something else is wrong. Let us know if this is the case – cosmorogers Jun 17 '12 at 18:53

403 errors in nginx get thrown when ownership of other files isnt compatible with the user that nginx runs as. Use ls -l on the web root folder to find ownership of the files. Make sure that the group part is www-data. If its in any user-level folders (such as your home directory), make sure that www-data can read the file directory structure to there.

Without more details, though, I can't explain how to fix this any better... attaching details about the file structure, where on the drive your files are sitting, etc. may help.

(Source: Me, as I'm on the nginx team)

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