I used sloppy focus in the previous version. Where focus would change from window to window on mouse over, but would not raise any window unless clicked.

I used this a lot when having two windows and was working on both without having to click the other to do something. Or having something full screen and working in a small window, and having the ability to scroll in the full screen app without having to lose the foreground app i was working in.

I edited gconf-editor. apps->metacity->general-> and unchecked auto_raise. even tried to change the delay to higher. and no change.

used gnome-tweak to change from click, mouse, and sloppy. click works as it should. but sloppy and mouse do the exact same thing.

So is there a way to get sloppy to work as it should?

  • does no one have anything? – Da Iceman Jul 3 '12 at 11:32

If you're on 12.04 you're probably not using metacity any longer but compiz. If you using Unity then you are using compiz. You don't mention though. To configure compiz install the settings manager ccsm and go to general settings.

Additional details can be found here.

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