When i click on any link an error message pops up saying "The specified location is not supported".

I'm using Lubuntu and hotot version 0.9.5.


I see you've already filed a bug against Hotot.

Please give this bug report a bit more time, it seems to be legitimate. You can't expect feedback from the developers in such short order.

This will very probably be an incompatibility with Lubuntu/LXDE. I've seen many projects which rely on things like "xdg-open" and gnome-default-applications to handle urls and so on. Fixing this issue will require the Developers to make specific to LXDE, you'll have to be patient.


I've rummaged throught the Hotot source code, and found that it - if it detects you're running openbox - first tries to open the URL with firefox (it subsequently tries 'xdg-open', 'google-chrome', 'chromium-browser', 'firefox' again, then 'x-www-browser'). It will open the URL (and assume all goes well) with the first one it recognises as a command that is available on your system.

After this, hotot can't do anything about error that is thrown by the software that was selected as probably being your default browser.

There's a bug in Fedora's xdg-utils package which addressed an issue you might have; namely xdg-open not working properly with LXDE. The bug has been fixed in fedora 14, but it probably hasn't been pulled down by the people at Lubuntu.

So: it seems your bug report in Hotot is invalid, since they are doing everything properly. You will just have to wait for Lubuntu's version of xdg-utils to catch up to the current upstream version (as of the 28th of October).

You can file a bug against Lubuntu. The better your bug report, the faster it will fixed - as always. :)

Just make sure there's no issue with Firefox before you do.


well i solved it and your comment was pointing me out to the right file where last months i hacked it to make dropbox get opened with pcmanfm and chromuim open downloaded file correctly so yeah the solution is i just had to put this in /usr/bin/xdg-open

enter generic)
#open_generic "$url"
#xdg-open "$url"
open_gnome "$url" 

the "open_gnome" in the generic case since the others doesnt fit me

thanks again

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