Just installed vanilla Xubuntu 12.04 LTS & updated on a ThinkPad E325 with Conexant CX20671 sound card. I notice volume hotkeys work under Xubuntu DE but not under XFCE. Sound settings are completely missing under XFCE.

Bubble bar invoked by +/- hotkeys, is greyed out; though volume slider that resides in system tray still functions. Muting/decreasing/increasing volume with hot keys has no effect.

Is there a workaround? If not what package would I report a bug against?

PS: I'm running 64-bit.

PPS: It just goes through the motions under XFCE DE, GUI volume will rise & fall, but actual audio will not change. (This is due to hotkeys being mapped wrong; see below.)

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Is it may be same issue? How to switch 'default' sound device controlled by hardware keys in Xubuntu?

You should check, that 'active-card' in xfce4-mixer settings is proper.

  • The volume hot keys were indeed mapped to HDMI. Followed above guide then Sound Settings ==> Configuration to toggle HDMI off.
    – fleamour
    Jun 26, 2012 at 3:13

As detailed on this community documentation wiki page, press Alt+F2 and run this command:

ubuntu-bug audio

et in to Alsa Mixer and check out your audio controls and look em over, same times its gets idle and you have to tutch the mixer and , this usualy works for me (xfce Arch kernel 3.6.9rc7 amd64) and (Xubuntu 12.04 kernel 3.5.x amd64) (Gentoo 3.6.0 xfce TI64 )

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