xrdp was installed on Ubuntu 22.04 desktop using

sudo apt install xrdp -y 
sudo systemctl status xrdp 
sudo usermod -a -G ssl-cert xrdp 
sudo systemctl restart xrdp 

And the logs are

[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] SSL_read: I/O error
[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] libxrdp_force_read: header read error
[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] Processing [ITU-T T.125] Connect-Initial failed
[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] [MCS Connection Sequence] receive connection request failed
[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] xrdp_sec_incoming: xrdp_mcs_incoming failed
[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] xrdp_rdp_incoming: xrdp_sec_incoming failed
[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] xrdp_process_main_loop: libxrdp_process_incoming failed
[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] xrdp_iso_send: trans_write_copy_s failed
[20240423-20:47:04] [ERROR] Sending [ITU T.125] DisconnectProviderUltimatum failed

Not sure how to address the above

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xrdp user should be added to the relevant group.

sudo adduser xrdp ssl-cert
  • this may not show up to a process until it is restarted
    – Amias
    Commented May 23 at 12:36

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