I have logwatch running and I check every morning it's content. I have noticed that my auth.log file is erased after an apt upgrade and reboot.

Here is the fail2ban section of the logwatch after an upgrade and reboot yesterday.

--------------------- fail2ban-messages Begin ------------------------

Informational Messages:
        banTime: 600: 1 Time(s)
        encoding: UTF-8: 1 Time(s)
        findtime: 600: 1 Time(s)
        maxLines: 1: 1 Time(s)
        maxRetry: 5: 1 Time(s)
      --------------------------------------------------: 1 Time(s)
      Connection to database closed.: 1 Time(s)
      Observer start...: 1 Time(s)
      Observer stop ... try to end queue 5 seconds: 1 Time(s)
      Observer stopped, 0 events remaining.: 1 Time(s)
      Removed logfile: '/var/log/auth.log': 1 Time(s)
      Shutdown in progress...: 1 Time(s)
      Starting Fail2ban v0.11.2: 1 Time(s)

    [sshd] Flush ticket(s) with iptables-multiport: 1 Time(s)

---------------------- fail2ban-messages End -------------------------

Looking at the auth.log file after reboot, it's doesn't look to be new as it contains entries with time stamps older than the reboot.

Is this normal ? Shouldn't it leave the auth.log and rotate it instead ? This looks suspicious.

My Ubuntu version is 22.04.4 LTS server.


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The explanation is given here. Fail2ban is not removing the file, it is removing the monitoring of the file. This logging message is confusing and deserve an upgrade.

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