How can I call the Ubuntu One authentication python script from a button using Glade?

what I need to do is call a python script such as: $ python u1file.py login

Adding Ubuntu One Files support to your app


Gtk is a UI toolkit that is meant to be an event-driven framework. So the best approach would be to wait for some event to happen to execute your python code.

On Glade you can add widgets to a GtkWindow (that is also a widget), and widgets do emit what is called signals. Signals are events that indicate that something has happened. This action can be the user clicked on a button, typed some text, resized the window, etc.

A very simple example can be found here [1]

And here is a part I extracted

Panels in Glade

In the properties section, head to the signals tab having previously seleted some widget on the editor, for example a button.

Glade signals

As you can see in the image above, every signal has a name and can be binded to a "handler". Inside your code you have to create a function with the same name you choosed as your handle, in this case "on_window_destroy"

Then your code should look similar to this:

class TutorialApp(object):       
def __init__(self):
    builder = gtk.Builder()
        # Here we do the binding
    builder.connect_signals({ "on_window_destroy" : my_custom_handler })
    self.window = builder.get_object("window")

def my_custom_handler(self, widget):
    # Excecute whatever python code you want here :D

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = TutorialApp()


http://www.micahcarrick.com/gtk-glade-tutorial-part-1.html [1]


Import the script like you would do with any other module/package in Python.

import u1file

See Hernantz answer if you don't know how to connect to a button.


Would this do what you want? This is basically the equivalent of typing python scriptname.py in a terminal.

 import os
 os.system("python sriptname.py")

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