I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. The overlay scrollbar doesn't appear in the dash when i hover over the scrollbar. It appears in other places.

  • This isn't an issue, this is just part of Ubuntu, I suggest that if you feel overlay scrollbars are needed in the dash I suggest that you visit brainstorm.ubuntu.com and submit it as an idea. :) – Ross Fleming Jun 14 '12 at 22:18
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It's a known bug/"feature" in Nux

I believe this is what you mean (see circled cursor):

enter image description here

This is a known bug/feature, with no estimated fix date (it's in the backlog).

  • The situation and bug report are very complicated because the bug was originally filed in 2010 when Unity was still 2D; that was fixed, but it's still a problem in the new Unity 3D interface.

    • Overlay scrollbars work everywhere else because applications use GTK+; but not for the Dash because it uses Nux instead.
  • To expedite a fix, I recommend filing a new bug, explicitly linking to the old one and emphasizing that this is only for the new Unity 3D dash using Nux.


  • Try to not even need scrolling by using the Filter to reduce the displayed results.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys instead

Okay! i found a satisfactory work around to the question I posted.Here is the answer.Maximize the dash window and use the mouse on the scroll bar then its hard to miss the target.

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