Fan speed control does not work on Ubuntu 23.10 due to they are using an old bcm2712-rpi-5-b.dtb file.

That updated file is present in the raspberry repo https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/blob/master/boot/bcm2712-rpi-5-b.dtb

Will Ubuntu guys ever update that file? Is there a way to submit a bug report to try to mitigate this problem as soon as possible?


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Good job diagnosing the problem.

The updated version is in 24.04 (source):

Published in noble-proposed on 2024-02-01

ARM: dts: bcm2712-rpi-5-b: Add fan speed dtparams

However, nobody has yet asked for the fix to be applied to 23.10.

You will be the first, helping everybody else.

Open a terminal and run ubuntu-bug linux to start the process of filing the bug report for 23.10.

Let the kernel engineers set the priority. Priority usually goes to issues causing data loss or crashes so give them facts and avoid hype.

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