I want to know how to enable an android phone to detect the hotspot created under ubuntu so that the phone can use thse internet through it.

I have learnt that Android does not support ad-hoc.I tried changing the setting from ad-hoc to infrastructure..but still did not help..

Any way i can do it? Through the system or any app??

Thanx. :)


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Defining the problem:

Official android distributions do not show ad-hoc networks in the wifi list, but they are capable of connecting to them.

Solving the problem:

Option 1) Create an infrastructure network instead of ad-hoc, if your cart supports this mode.

Option 2) Root your device and force it to show ad-hoc networks in the wifi list by altering the network config or installing a custom ROM to it.

  • Do you mean that official android distributions are capable of connecting to ad-hoc networks but only if the device is rooted? Or is there a way of connecting to an ad-hoc network using a non-rooted phone that doesn't use the wifi list?
    – intuited
    Commented Nov 23, 2013 at 1:44

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