I have a hp touchsmart 600 pc series. I tried to install the lastest version of ubuntu (12.04 LTS, 64bits) but it would not install. I popped in the cd and the menu asked for a reboot. Which I did.

As ubuntu was about to install(purple background with 2 symbols underneth) the screen was dark and a prompt kept blinking for like over 10 minutes. So I turned off my pc and loaded my window os. I ran ubuntu again and used the help install feature. Needless to say the same thing happen again! does ubuntu work on hp touchsmart computers?


Try using nomodeset during the install. When you pop in the cd, try pressing F6 and select nomodset or press F4. If that doesn't work, try using unetbootin and install via USB. A third option would be the text installer.

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