What is the simplest way to set up a voip structure in a Linux machine with the following features:

1) Using free software

2) For computer-to-computer calls: end-to-end encryption set by the users, unpaid, no central authority (so skype is out)

3) For computer-to-phone calls: paid or unpaid, desirable encryption on the computer side if that is even possible

4) Ability to have a number to receive calls from regular phones

My research concluded that the sip protocol is the most popular. However most discussions I've read on sip are too technical and I felt it discourages the regular user who wants to just click and talk. So I put the question above and created some separate questions about privacy with sip registrars, privacy with voip suppliers, what to look for in a sip registrar, what to look for in a voip provider.

As for the software, I noticed most software either don't provide encryption (eg Ekiga) or the software doesn't work nicely and the project is abandoned (eg Twinkle), so no option seemed satisfying.

  • One of the actively developed VOIP clients is Jitsi, at jitsi.org. It should satisfy most of the needs mentioned above. I think that getting a local number is not up to the client program, but rather a service provider of your choice. – mikewhatever Jun 11 '12 at 16:12

I use SFLPhone its actively developed, feature rich supports sip/iax , and has signaling and voice encryption (srtp)


It also has support for IP2IP calls.

If you want that to be encrypted i think you will have to set up your own encryption.

have a look at:

OpenVPN video howtos

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