I'm trying to follow instructions in the "Setting Up the VPN Tunnel" section of this webpage to setup VPN connection. I built OpenVPN version 2.6.8 (most up-to-date) from source and make check command shows it passes test running. I got the network certificate from the institute and recorded the import password. I ran

openssl pkcs12 -in Network_Certificate.p12 -noout -password pass:[the recorded import password]

to test the import password. There is no Mac verify error: invalid password? message, which means the import password I recorded is working. Then I ran

sudo openvpn OpenVPN-UPB-NG_hpc-pc2_lin.ovpn

as instructed and input the import password carefully to make sure it is correct. But I still received a lot of errors, one of which is

Error: private key password verification failed

Do you know where the problem is and how to fix it so that I can set up the VPN successfully? Thanks.

Some information for troubleshooting:

  • I am running on Ubuntu 22.04 server.
  • The output of openssl pkcs12 -in Network_Certificate.p12 -noout -password pass:[the recorded import password]:

enter image description here

  • The output of sudo openvpn OpenVPN-UPB-NG_hpc-pc2_lin.ovpn:

enter image description here


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