I’m new to Linux and installed Ubuntu on a Lenovo thinkpad. It was an work computer I was told I could keep.

I have a Canon imageclass mf445dw working on my local network.

In settings I see the printer listed automatically. I go to printer settings but cannot select it to be the default printer. I go to additional settings and it said no printers configured yet add. I click on add, it gives me options of generic cups-brf, enter uri, or network printer.

I select network printer > printer series with ip address > ipp network printer via dns-sd > forward

It looks for drivers, then asks to describe/name printer (which is already generated), I click apply and get: CUPS server error - there was an error during the CUPS operation: ‘server-error-internal-error’.

Not sure how to fix…

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Access the CUPS (Common Unix Printing Sysyem) GUI by pointing your browser to http://localhost:631.

You can detect, add, and manage printers from the Admin tab, and deal with individual printers from the Printers tab. You can set the system default printer.

From the command line,

lpstat -t

will show the total state of the printing system.

  • Ok, I went to local host, and played around with the modify options until I could print a test page. Thanks Commented Nov 15, 2023 at 2:38

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