I am attempting to use a "drawing tablet" with my 22.04 laptop. The laptop is ~2k resolution (2256x1504), and the graphics tablet is 1920x1080. I wish to have the graphics tablet display a subsection (eg duplicate the pixels) of the laptops screen. For example, center the graphics tablet over the "center" of the screen, displaying part of a Gimp window where I'm drawing - with the whole gimp window visible on the main 2k display.

For clarity, this is an LCD type drawing tablet - basically just a 2nd monitor w/ a ~wacom digitizer bonded on top. If the drawing tablet and laptop were the same resolution, or possibly even just close, I could just mirror them.

I have tried editing ~/.config/monitors.xml and adjusting the x,y position of the tablet display, and restarting the session (log in/out), but there is no effect.

How can I move what's displayed on the lower-resolution external tablet to be "over" a subset my main display?


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