I'm running Windows XP as a VirtualBox guest OS under Ubuntu 11.10, and I can't browse the Windows network. It seems like I can connect to some specific network shares, maybe only ones that are already mapped to drives.

If I disable ufw, it all works fine, and when I enable it again, the network browsing continues to work. I tried looking at /var/log/ufw.log and saw it blocking port 138. When I allowed that port, then I saw it blocking port 137.

I found this answer, and it led me to bug 360975. The bug originally asked for both nf_conntrack_pptp and nf_conntrack_netbios_ns to be added to the defaults, but in comment 11, Jamie decided not to include nf_conntrack_pptp in the fix.

I tried adding it in, and it seemed to solve my problem, but then the problem came back.

How can I let the Windows guest OS browse the local network?


Changing the VirtualBox network settings from NAT to bridged adapter solved the problem. It continued to work after I removed the nf_conntrack_pptp module, so I guess that was irrelevant.

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