How can I install WinRAR on my Ubuntu 10.04 system? I tried sudo apt-get install rar.

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WinRAR is a windows program for using RAR type files. There is no 'WinRAR' on Ubuntu.

Installing rar like you did should add support for RAR files into the standard "archive manager" for ZIPS, TARs, etc.

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Installing unrar will help you with unpacking them: sudo apt-get install unrar

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  • It seems that rar can also unpack .rar files. So, what is the point of installing unrar? Sep 14 at 15:17
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    @HoseinRahnama I haven't audited the rar command, however most tooling requires unrar to unpack the RAR file. Note this answer was written in 2012, so things might've changed since then.
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  • Yeah, that's an old answer. It would be nice if you update this answer by including some explanation about rar too. It seems that rar can compress and decompress while unrar only decompresses. Sep 14 at 16:01
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sudo apt-get install unrar

This will allow you to unpack them.


Two ways to install WinRAR in Ubuntu:

Method 1: Install the available rar and unrar tools

In the Terminal type:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rar unrar
sudo apt-get clean

It will install the rar software and after installation, it will open rar files in the archive manager

Method 2: Install wine and then WinRAR

Install wine and download the winrar.exe from WinRAR website and install the WinRAR software similar steps to be followed for the installation in windows and after that rar files are able to open

For more details see this blog post.


If you're referring to this, it's a commercial version, as you can see, and it has not a GUI.

I suggest using file-roller, which is the default archive manager for the GNOME desktop environment.


I know that the pre-installed Archive Manager can open some compressed files, but during my experience to open some .rar format, that brought me an error. one of the practical app to open such files and extract them is unrar that can be installed through the command below:

sudo apt-get install unrar

for this purpose, the useful command and its functionality is here:

  • test your rar file if it is corrupted :unrar t <yourRARFile>
  • extract the containing file in full path: unrar x <yourRARFile>

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