guys i would like to encrypt my windows partition only , as i have dual boot windows 7 ultimate and ubuntu 12.04. I would like to encrypt all my windows partition with truecrypt as i suppose you already now , but i was wondering how will it work ?

I suppose when i am gonna encrypt the whole partition of windows with true crypt , when i will boot linux grub will not find the partition ?! how can i do for the grub to find my partition windows encrypted ? thanks guys

ps : basically more simple , i will encrypt my windows partition only , but grub will not detect anymore my windows partition?


To answer your question in a simple way, yes.

If your system partition or system drive is encrypted using TrueCrypt, you need to enter your pre-boot authentication password in the TrueCrypt Boot Loader screen after you turn on or restart your computer. It may happen that you are forced by somebody to decrypt the operating system or to reveal the pre-boot authentication password. There are many situations where you cannot refuse to do so (for example, due to extortion). TrueCrypt allows you to create a hidden operating system whose existence should be impossible to prove (provided that certain guidelines are followed — see below). Thus, you will not have to decrypt or reveal the password for the hidden operating system. See here and here.

In order to boot a system encrypted by TrueCrypt, an unencrypted copy of the TrueCrypt Boot Loader has to be stored on the system drive or on a TrueCrypt Rescue Disk. Hence, the mere presence of the TrueCrypt Boot Loader can indicate that there is a system encrypted by TrueCrypt on the computer.

Source: redobackup.org

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  • i do understand , but my initial question was , will grub find my encrypted partion ? as when i boot i have the grub menu , to select which os , as grub will not recognize my windows partition as it will be encrypted? – Flow Jun 5 '12 at 15:40
  • ok thanks for your answer , but that's the normal way of truecrypt working do i have to do any change to the linux grub? thanks – Flow Jun 5 '12 at 15:48

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