Will the newer linux kernels support Realtek RTL8852BE WiFi 6 802.11ax PCIe Adapter??? I'm asking this question because I have a new laptop (HP Pavilion) and I saw there are some drivers available on github. Looking at the github issues this is not a preferred option ... (I think everyone understands this and wants a out of the box solution distribution) I would be more pleased to know if some kind of kernel development is done for this driver or not ... ?


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It will be in kernel 6.2 so that is the upcomming 23.04. Download it and give the "try Ubuntu" a test run to see if it works out of the box.

The list of supported devices has this on Realtek:

New Bluetooth hardware support includes the Broadcom BCM4377/4378/4387 chipsets and Realtek RTL8852BE / RTL8723DS.

From Phoronix.

Addition: as soon as the point release for the hardware stack for 23.04 is released (ie. 22.04.3 and that will be later this year) it will also be added to the current LTS (22.04).


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