I've looked in ~/.config/ but see no monitor settings.


Just looking to change the resolution as it's quite squished after using loginctl to logout a user.

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    Are you running Xorg or Wayland sessions? If the former, monitors.xml will indeed be in ~/.config but if you're using Wayland, it's elsewhere.
    – popey
    Mar 21 at 20:55
  • must be Wayland @popey --thanks for the info. I'll confirm and will lookup how to change that. I just want to reset them, or probe the monitor for available resolutions. Along those lines. I think that not all resolutions are being listed for some reason. Mar 21 at 21:10
  • Installed to "bare metal" @Nmath and see also askubuntu.com/q/1460354/847449 (asking explicitly how to detect the settings). In a nutshell, the display resolution changed. The new options are rather limited. Probably rebooting will fix it, but, if so, why and how? Surely there's a way to probe or detect possible resolutions. Mar 22 at 0:49


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