Out of Nowhere

I was opening VSCode via WSL, it was loading. I figured out I wouldn't use it, so I closed it, but the terminal closed with it, didn't gave it much atttention. When I try opening the terminal again, that's what I see: Panic!

And then, using explorer.exe . I got into the home folder, and my profile 'rodrigo' wasn't there.

I got terrified. Closed the terminal, tried opening up the Ubuntu 20.04 folder from the explorer, it was taking too long, so I stopped it and tried opening again the Ubuntu via Windows Terminal and vòilá, it opened. I was in relief.

So, if it worked, why am i here? Well, it worked while i was writing this question, so i'll post anyways, as there are only 2 other guys that posted about it, and none got a proper response or a solution. So, in case it happens again, i'm putting this question. More info:

sudo didn't worked, as apt or any other basic commands.

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  • facing same issue rn. can't fix it : (
    – Back2Lobby
    Mar 19 at 4:30
  • I got it fixed. I opened it with command wsl in cmd and it worked and then started working again in windows terminal also.
    – Back2Lobby
    Mar 19 at 4:36


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