I found the squashfs file in Ubuntu 22.04 image pretty much different from previous releases. There is no filesystem.squashfs file under the casper directory after mounting the ISO. Instead, there will be 5 different squashfs files including:

  • casper/ubuntu-server-minimal.squashfs
  • casper/ubuntu-server-minimal.ubuntu-server.installer.generic-hwe.squashfs
  • casper/ubuntu-server-minimal.ubuntu-server.installer.generic.squashfs
  • casper/ubuntu-server-minimal.ubuntu-server.installer.squashfs
  • casper/ubuntu-server-minimal.ubuntu-server.squashfs

There is a filesystem.manifest but no corresponding filesystem.squashfs.

What's the difference/relationship between them and which one or ones should be used to get the similar contents as filesystem.squashfs of previous releases?

  • You could try using 7z l to list the contents of each of the .squashfs archives.
    – mpb
    Commented May 2, 2023 at 0:41
  • That one is the only one with bin, etc. But it is also so much smaller than previous filesystems... Commented Feb 6 at 19:47

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OK, casper/ubuntu-server-minimal.squashfs.This is the one. Got into chroot, installed stuff inside, squashed the filesystem again and created the ISO. Works like a charm!!

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