I'm just looking for a way to speed up overall quickness around the OS. I'm on a fairly new HP box so it shouldn't lag as much as it does.

Also, is there anything LIGHTER than Unity 2D that I can use?


Following these instructions:

will install only a few kb of packages and give you a lightweight and gnome2 like experience.

enter image description here


One of the best places to start would be trying to find out what is causing excess lag to begin with. I would try opening terminal and using top to find out which process(es?) are causing the lag.

Also, you might want to try Xubuntu which is based on XFCE and is intended to be lighter than others.

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop


To remove everything but the Xubuntu desktop folow steps on this link -

Also, Lubuntu is another lightweight desktop which is based on LXDE.

sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop


To remove everything but the Lubuntu desktop folow steps on this link -

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